& focus

Parabox is the simple way to
Parasympathetic Repair


Increased heart rate

Low activity of organs

Energy Mobilisation



Decreased heart rate

Regeneration and repair

Energy Storage


What stress
does to us

Stress diverts precious resources away from your immune system and your brain. Your regenerative and toxin-elimination processes severely limit and your ability to focus diminishes.

Regenerative light- and soundscapes help boost your mental fitness.

Using brain scans, heart-rate monitors and behavioural experiments, researchers have found nature sounds were associated with a decrease in the body’s sympathetic response and an increase in parasympathetic activity - the one that helps the body relax, recover and function smoothly.

Meet our team
Managing partner
Louis von Mallinckrodt

Louis has been spending most of his life in a fast paced and demanding environment as a producer for both commercials and international feature films and television shows. He knows a thing or two about storytelling and feeling the need for unwinding and taking a step back from your daily challenges. He founded PARABOX with his childhood friend Raphael in 2019.

Managing partner
Raphael Schatz

As a former consultant for digital business and design studies, Raphael is all too familiar with what it takes to make something truly unique and intuitive - above and under the proverbial skin. He is an avid mountaineer and spends as much time as possible exploring nature, finding new sceneries for our immersive soundscapes.

Head of sound engineering
Tobias Wilczek

With years of experience in the most uncommon places you would expect sound to be found, Tobi is a walking speaker box. He is at the heart of PARABOX, creating the acoustic centrepiece and generating the most pure sounds within the technical hardware as well as the delicate components and vast complexity within each soundscape.

Head of electronics & IT
Klaus Müller

The man who brings it all together. Being in charge of all electronic developments in soft- and hardware, Klaus makes sure that our vision comes to life in the most intuitive and simple way possible. He breathes life into PARABOX and secures that our high standards in functionality and user experience are met and continuously exceeded.

Meet our core team

From left to right: Klaus Müller (Head of IT & Electronics), Louis von Mallinckrodt (Co-Founder & Managing Partner), Raphael Schatz (Co-Founder & Managing Partner), Tobias Wilczek (Head of Sound Engineering)

What motivates us

Providing the world some moments of true recovery to boost mental fitness - that is our motivation. Social Media, Job Requirements and Smartphones are among the triggers of psychological stress and burnouts. The lockdowns due to the Covid 19 Pandemic have pushed this even further.

The founders of Parabox, Louis and Raphael, have been there too. They decided it's time to take a step back and establish an easily accessible daily routine that helps us unwind. So, what’s a great way to mentally recover? It’s by spending time in nature and being away from the screen. But we can't just quit our routine and be in nature. Together with our core-team and many invaluable supporters, we have thus created Parabox - a screen-free smart device that helps its users to relax and get into the parasympathetic mode. As studies show, soothing sounds and light help find a moment to breathe and unwind, thereby improving mental fitness. We found that existing solutions in the sound and lighting realm are often tied to a stress trigger. With Parabox, we aim to deliver an intuitive, off-grid experience, all the while ensuring you have access to immersive and dynamic content.

What we are about

Above all, Parabox stands for boosting your mental fitness. Allowing the body to spend enough time in the parasympathetic (rest and digest) mode is essential for our wellbeing and ultimately survival. Para(sympathetic)box allows you to access and train this state of mind with natural soundscapes and dynamic ambient lighting. We strive to combine all the elements that make a truly relaxing experience real. No smartphone, no screen, no connectivity hassle, no manual, no rules, no borders. We offer an easy and always fresh way for you to recover and recharge.


At Parabox we are putting an emphasis on sustainability. While you recharge your mental batteries you should not have to worry about hurting the environment.

This is why we decided to fully develop and manufacture our product within the EU. We use carefully sourced eco-friendly materials that come to our facilities without long transportation routes. Durability is a key component to ensure that you can enjoy your Parabox for a long time to come. However, if anything should ever go ‘wrong’, we make sure to exchange your product and recycle the remaining components of your old Parabox.

The circle of life. On top of that you are not only protecting the environment, but you are actually actively helping to make our planet a bit greener again. For each Parabox sold, we are planting a tree to ensure that our positive vibes are echoing way into the future. A future full of mental happiness and gorgeous landscapes.